Monday, June 4, 2012

Oh What a World

This week is going to be quite hectic to say the least. My son will be 2 Thursday, and I am having the party this Saturday. Sure there aren't many friends a toddler can have, especially one that stays at home with his momma (I can be exciting, but I doubt I'm exciting enough for him), but I want to have a nice party for him with all of his family there to see him celebrate a new milestone.
I am making his cake, or cupcakes if you want to get technical. I am going to do a nautical theme, including stars, anchors, sail boats, etc. I'm thinking blue icing, and then putting one of the designs on each cupcake. Then for his special cupcake, I will put Happy Birthday *name*. I think hope that it turns out okay. I mean what could go wrong? (knocks on wood).
On top of that, I have to figure out what I'm going to get him. This is my first child, and I am learning just about as much as he is, so I am having trouble about finding something that would fit his adventurous, mischievous, and hyper attitude. First I found a kiddie pool, and thought, that would be great. He loves taking a bath, (yes I know I'm blessed) and we have taken him to the in laws to let him get used to being in cold water in their above ground. He was a little scared at first, clinging to me like a cat getting ready to be put into water, but he then adjusted and loved it. Of course that plan went out the window after talking to my mom, and finding out that she had already purchased one for him. I guess great minds think alike.
Now I'm clueless and I have 5 days to figure it out, buy it, and wrap it, while getting everything ready and making the centerpiece of all birthday parties, the confection.

Now to change the subject, I'm thinking about a giveaway. Not really sure if it is too soon for that. So any feedback would be great. Let me know ^_^.

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