Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Haircut and other things

I am looking forward to a lot of things right now. Saturday is my hubby's birthday, the big 32 and he is not at all psyched about it lol. I tell him that he is only as old as he feels. He said in that case he must be about 70.

This past Sunday which was father's day was great. My dad got to spend the day with his grandson and I was able to get him a card that I received from Cardstore. I did get this for free with free shipping as a promotion they had for father's day. The site was awesome. Did not expect to get the quality that I received for free. I had the choice to insert pictures, customize the greeting and write my own little note. The card was American Greeting, which I though was awesome, and they sent me a coupon for free shipping on my next order (how awesome is that). I had gotten him a gift, but it has not made it yet, which has me a little worried. I hope I receive it soon before he forgets what the occasion will be for.

I also chopped all of my hair off Sunday. It is a pixie cut and I absolutely love it! It feels so nice to not have to worry about my hair sticking to my neck and face in the hot months to come. Oh and check this out, all I have to do to fix it is blow dry it. I have never had a style that allowed me to fix it as fast as I can now. I was a little nervous about going as short as I did, but it was completely worth the worrying I had in the chair while she was cutting my hair off.

It's so short!
We are getting ready to potty train my son. It's a bittersweet time. I am so excited that he is ready for this huge milestone, but it is coming more apparent that he is growing up :(. I never thought he would be ready for potty training before I would. Yet he has made it clear that he is ready for the next stage in his life. I wish I could keep up with him without everything being such a blur. Just too much going on in such a short amount of time I suppose.

I finally got an invitation to review a product from Swaggable. I was so stoked to receive one. It is a great site that I have recently become a member of (less than a month). It is still in it's beta phase I do believe and it completely free to join. They have a list of products that they have sent out and that are getting ready to go out to members. They ask you if you would like to participate in the review and you can choose whether or not you want to go through with it. Once you receive the item, use it and write a review on their site. Not hard at all. I definitely see them expanding. I'm just tickled pink that I finally got invited to do something.

Oh and a side note. In the middle of this blog, my son came up to me with a book. So of course I stopped writing to read the short book with him. It's called Things on Tracks, and it talks about different transportation things on track. Pretty self explanatory. So I start the book and the first two words are Choo-Choo Choo-Choo. So I asked him if he could say it and clear as day, choo choo came out! I am so happy right now, I had to put this in here. He's such a sweetheart.

Finally found out what was wrong with my camera. The battery is done for. Which really sucks because I've only had the camera for 4 months and only charged it once, so I don't see why it would already be exhausted, but oh well. At least the batteries are not cheap and once I get the new battery, I can actually post good pictures instead of my very crappy webcam. I'm such a procrastinator though that it will probably be a while.

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