Thursday, June 28, 2012

Listia and other things

Sorry it's been a while since I posted last, but I've been busy and whatnot. I got a new phone. It's the Motorola XPRT. I know that the hype about it was that it was great for business professionals that were transitioning from blackberry to android, but I love phones that have a touchscreen and a QWERTY keyboard. I have used an all touchscreen phone and find it difficult to text with. This is a really great phone so far. I haven't really had a chance to really doodle with it, but I will give a more in depth review about it when I have. I'm just happy to have an android again. They are so handy for pretty much anything.

I have discovered a new site called Listia. It is a site like Ebay. You bid on items that you like, but you earn points that can be used towards purchasing items by bidding. I'm not sure if you lose your points when you bid, but as far as I know, if you do not win the auction, you do not lose your points. What I really like about this site is that you can earn points, or use your own money to buy points with to purchase items. The auctions are very similar to Ebay with their layout. So far from browsing the site, there are some really great items that people post and most of them do offer free shipping (gotta love saving money on shipping). There is also a rewards section. Once you have earned (or purchased) enough points, you can turn them in to some really awesome items. I know there was are ipods, cameras, coffee and espresso makers, amazon gift cards, etc. I am really digging this website and it has given me something else to pass the time other than copious.

I am really loving that these sites that have these earning options are coming out of the wood works. I am on a budget and treating myself can be far and few between. So I have received a lot of items from credits, points, reward programs and so on.

I have had problems with some of my family and friends believing me about these sites, even after showing them what I have received. Has it really become a time where people don't think that anything can be free without a catch? It baffles me.

Anyways, that is pretty much it. I haven't had anything going on, but I've been busier than a bee. I don't know how that happens, but it did. I hope you all check this site out, it is the real deal.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Haircut and other things

I am looking forward to a lot of things right now. Saturday is my hubby's birthday, the big 32 and he is not at all psyched about it lol. I tell him that he is only as old as he feels. He said in that case he must be about 70.

This past Sunday which was father's day was great. My dad got to spend the day with his grandson and I was able to get him a card that I received from Cardstore. I did get this for free with free shipping as a promotion they had for father's day. The site was awesome. Did not expect to get the quality that I received for free. I had the choice to insert pictures, customize the greeting and write my own little note. The card was American Greeting, which I though was awesome, and they sent me a coupon for free shipping on my next order (how awesome is that). I had gotten him a gift, but it has not made it yet, which has me a little worried. I hope I receive it soon before he forgets what the occasion will be for.

I also chopped all of my hair off Sunday. It is a pixie cut and I absolutely love it! It feels so nice to not have to worry about my hair sticking to my neck and face in the hot months to come. Oh and check this out, all I have to do to fix it is blow dry it. I have never had a style that allowed me to fix it as fast as I can now. I was a little nervous about going as short as I did, but it was completely worth the worrying I had in the chair while she was cutting my hair off.

It's so short!
We are getting ready to potty train my son. It's a bittersweet time. I am so excited that he is ready for this huge milestone, but it is coming more apparent that he is growing up :(. I never thought he would be ready for potty training before I would. Yet he has made it clear that he is ready for the next stage in his life. I wish I could keep up with him without everything being such a blur. Just too much going on in such a short amount of time I suppose.

I finally got an invitation to review a product from Swaggable. I was so stoked to receive one. It is a great site that I have recently become a member of (less than a month). It is still in it's beta phase I do believe and it completely free to join. They have a list of products that they have sent out and that are getting ready to go out to members. They ask you if you would like to participate in the review and you can choose whether or not you want to go through with it. Once you receive the item, use it and write a review on their site. Not hard at all. I definitely see them expanding. I'm just tickled pink that I finally got invited to do something.

Oh and a side note. In the middle of this blog, my son came up to me with a book. So of course I stopped writing to read the short book with him. It's called Things on Tracks, and it talks about different transportation things on track. Pretty self explanatory. So I start the book and the first two words are Choo-Choo Choo-Choo. So I asked him if he could say it and clear as day, choo choo came out! I am so happy right now, I had to put this in here. He's such a sweetheart.

Finally found out what was wrong with my camera. The battery is done for. Which really sucks because I've only had the camera for 4 months and only charged it once, so I don't see why it would already be exhausted, but oh well. At least the batteries are not cheap and once I get the new battery, I can actually post good pictures instead of my very crappy webcam. I'm such a procrastinator though that it will probably be a while.

Saturday, June 16, 2012


The past few days have been rather hectic, but on the plus side, I did receive my items that I ordered on Copious. When you sign up, you receive a $10 credit. I ended up using that towards a double finger ring that said love and a brand new Revlon Colorstay lipstick. I ended up being able to get both of those items for under 10 dollars. I ended up with 67 cents left I think.

The site is absolutely great. Not only is the credit awesome, but the prices are so affordable. Now they do have some pretty high end items such as Coach, but they also have some great name brands for a great price. For example, I love BKE, American Eagle, Old Navy, and etc. They have all of those brands and more, and most of them I have found are under $20.

I would describe the site as a mixture of Ebay, Etsy, and Pinterest. You connect through your Facebook and sell vintage, handmade, new and used items. The great thing is that there is no bidding, and you can "heart" items that you like, so that you can go back and check them out. There are no fees for how many pictures you post, or how many items. There is a Copious charge, and you can either choose to pay the charge or have the buyer pay it.

One of the things that I love about it, is that I feel like I'm buying from an actual person. They have their photos listed and their Facebook pages connected. Unlike Ebay, where you have no idea who you are buying from or if they will even send you an item after you purchase it. The buyer has a 48 hour time frame that you can be sure that nothing is wrong with the item, or that is was misrepresented. If for some reason it is, you can return it and get a full refund of what you paid.

This is my new addiction. I end up visiting this site just to window shop. I definitely recommend it to anyone.

I'm not a spokesperson for this site and no one has asked me to write a review on this. I truly love this site and love to shop :)

If you want to check it out, I posted my little share link below.   Oh and another thing, if you invite your friends and they make they're first purchase you receive $5 dollars (how awesome is that). Of course when they accept your invite, they also can get a 10 dollar credit. Either you have to qualify for the credit, or you can receive it from an invite. From what I have learned.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Julep & Cardstore

So I haven't had a chance to write anything over the weekend. It was pretty hectic. I had my son's 2nd birthday party which was better than I could have ever imagined, and everyone had a blast including him. My mom had a barbecue, and I spent the majority of Friday night making his cake. Turned out awesome and I'm so happy its over. Very, very stressful.

Today I went to go get the mail and my julep polishes and the father's day card that I got for free were in the mail! Yay!!! I was so excited and very surprised on how fast the nail polish got here. They sent me an email on the 7th saying that it was shipped out and I received it today. How awesome is that! It did cost me a penny, but hey that is alright with me completely.

I would have posted pictures, but my camera is having a huge problem. I've had it for 4 months and it will not charge now. So I'm in the middle of a technical support email right now and really hope that it will get resolved soon. However, I will get some pictures posted before too long. They also threw in two toe separators (which I'm assuming was a surprise gift. I saw some posts and videos where they received a nail file).  Not really sure if that's what they're called, but that's what I call them. It's been hard not to rip open the box and use them, but I'm going to be patient so that I can get a pic of the beautiful packaging. We'll see how long I can last on that one.

The other freebie that I received was a father's day card for my dad. I don't think the promotion is going on right now, but there are some greeting card sites that still have some promotions for a free card. The site is Cardstore, and I was able to personalize the card the way I wanted, and had the option to put some photos in there, so that was very neat. I really can't recall when I ordered the card. Probably the same day, but I did not expect it to get here so soon. I was very pleased with this. It did come with an envelope and a coupon for free shipping on my next order with a coupon code. I did not pay a cent, nor did I have to put my credit card number in.

Now if you are looking for a similar deal. Treat has a new member promotion for a free greeting card of any type which includes free shipping and no credit card info is needed. They have the same personalization options as well, and hey you can't beat free.

I will be posting my samples and freebies that I receive as I get them. I regularly check a great site Guide2Free and it is always up to date with certain samples, contest, and coupons. So go and check them out.

No one asked me to review anything about this, I just felt like doing it. I definitely did not get paid to mention these companies or products either. I'm just stoked that I received these things for free (julep was practically free). 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Its been 2 years

First off, a wonderful Happy Birthday to my beautiful baby boy. I can't believe two years have come and gone. I feels like yesterday that I was in the hospital, nervous as hell, wondering If I could be a good mother to this unborn baby boy. He is now 2 years old, and as healthy as could be.

Its been rough at times, and there have been moments that I will never forget. The joy of life is nothing short of a miracle. I have been learning just as much as he has, and we have both helped each other along the way. He has let me know that I am good enough for this journey in life, and I hope that I have shown him unconditional love. He is the reason I wake up in the morning, waiting for all the excitement to come for the day. I couldn't have asked for anything better.

I can sit there and just stare, wondering how me and my husband could have made such a beautiful and kind thing. He makes me laugh everyday, and there are times he makes me want to pull my hair out. I love him through it all.

All I can hope for is that I raise him the best of my ability and that it will make him grow into a wonderful person. I want him to feel like he can do anything that he puts his mind to, and I will never put down restrictions when it comes to his dreams. If he wants to be a great artist, go for it. If its a famous composer, awesome. The only thing that can hold him back is himself. Yes, I do know that he is just two, but believe me, planning needs to start immediately. Because once you have a child, you hardly have time to do anything, and the years will fly by. I feel like just a couple months ago, I was making his cake for his first birthday. I can remember almost every detail of that day, down to the weather outside. I wish I could slow time down for just a bit, so that I can savor these moments, but unfortunately that can't be. I suppose that is why parents run around with a camera glued to their hands. You have to get these moments before they pass you by, and time and age take them away from you.

I may not have finished college, or completed some of the achievements that others have, but I do know one thing, and it is the most important. My greatest accomplishment was my son, and for that, I couldn't be happier with my life. I can't wait for the years to come, experiencing everything that life has to offer with children.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sharing Smiley360 Mission

 I know I just posted, but I came across this site, and it is a great site for samples that you can review, missions, and I believe even some full size products to use and review about. I haven't been on for very long but I recommend at least going to check it out!

Sharing Smiley360 Mission: I just became a Smiley360 member! Sign-up for free at Be heard. Be happy. *Please remember the FTC requires you to mention that you received a free sample courtesy of Smiley360 when sharing.

How I achieved blonde hair

 I do have pictures with links that you can go to, but at the end of this I will list everything and where I bought them. That way there is no scrolling up and down. Enjoy ^_^

I had been wanting to do something different to my hair for a while. I have had reds, browns, black even, and I felt like I had been there, done that kind of feeling. So my husband recommended that I try blonde. At first, I told him "NO". I was thinking, my hair will fall out and I would probably look horrible with the color. Even stating to friends and family that I would never go blonde. Nothing against blondes, but it was just not a look I thought I could ever pull off. He continued to mention it here and there and I suppose his repetition implanted itself into my brain, and I finally gave in. I figured, its just hair, it'll grow out or I can just color it over if it turns out bad. I was concerned about the damage that would occur with the bleaching processes. I knew that I would have to bleach more than once.

I started researching. I watched tons of YouTube tutorials, blogs, reviews on products, the whole nine yards. I finally pulled different tips and instructions, and make my own process of how I would do it. I went to my local Sally's Beauty Supply store and there was a sale for Salon Care Quick White bleaching powder for $10. I mean beach is bleach. It will all do the same thing. My grandmother is a beautician and growing up in her salon, I picked up on a few things. I know everyone has their favorites, but they all produce the same outcome as long as you do it correctly.

SalonCare Quick White lightening powder 

Then I picked up Clairol's Pure White developer 20vol with soyplex. I had heard great reviews about this developer and read that there are conditioners in it. Which was awesome, considering that I was trying to be as gentle to my locks as I could be. I bought the 8oz bottle, so that I would have enough to touch up roots. If I had not loved the blonde so much then I had it for when I dye my hair (I purchase my hair color at Sally's as well). For 8oz, the price was $3.49, with a Sally's card $2.99. It does come in 4, 16, and 32oz. My hair is just above my shoulders and sort of fine, so I knew I wouldn't need that much.
Clairol Pure White Creme Developer 20vol
 This developer is awesome! My hair felt so soft rinsing out the bleach, I couldn't believe it. I was able to run my fingers through it when I was rinsing the bleach out. I only used 20vol. I didn't want to be to harsh to my hair. It also makes the consistency of the bleach mixture very creamy, which made the mix easier to apply. I will be using only this brand from now on. Very good buy and cheap!

Okay, before I did my first bleaching, I had to strip the color that was already on my hair. I had done a really vibrant red at the end of the year, and went back to a dark chocolate brown about 3 months ago. I knew that it would take many bleaches to take that dye out and lift my dark brown color. I chose One N Only Colorfix. It was around $13, which is a little high for me, but I knew that if I was going to do this, I need to do it right. This stuff does not smell that well, and it lingered in my hair until I did the first bleach, which was two days later. You have to shampoo the mixture out and you want to make sure there are enough oils on your scalp to protect it from the bleach. Trust me, you don't want irritation. I ended up with some of it on my forehead and it felt like a sunburn for 4 or 5 days, you could tell a difference in the appearance of my skin. It did go away, but still, why put yourself through that.

One n only colorfix'm really starting to like this brand name :)

Back to the point. Again depending on your hair, will determine how much you will you. I didn't even use all of it and have enough for another time. Of course I don't know why I would need it again, but you never know.

It definitely stripped the color and left me with an ashy dishwater blonde color. The great thing was that it never stripped my natural color on my roots. I definitely was able to see how far my hair had grown. It wasn't a pretty picture. If you do have color in your hair, I would really recommend you strip it first. Trust me, it will pay off.

After I stripped my hair, like I said I waited 2 days. Then I did my first bleach. I did have my grandmother apply the mixture. I would have not been able to do it efficiently enough for the time needed. Now I recommend applying it to the ends first and the roots last. This being because the roots will lift faster due to the heat coming off your scalp. When you do the ends first, they get a chance to lift while the bleach is being applied to the roots. My grandmother is up there in age and was kind enough to do it for me, so I did not complain when she applied the mixtures to the sections completely. So my roots are still lighter then the rest of my hair, but its no biggie and I actually like the graduation from white to a light blonde. Then after she was done, I put a processing cap on and sat under her hair dryer. I know not many people have that option, so I'm sure a hairdryer, or even sitting out on a sunny day would do the trick.

I left the bleach on for 50 minutes, and knew that I would have to bleach again. I rinsed the bleach out, shampooed, and put the argan oil mask for 15 minutes, then rinsed.

The first bleach took my hair to a very gold yellow color. What was funny is that I got a lot of compliments on the color. I was very adamant on babying my hair for 4 days before the next bleaching. I used One N Only Argan Oil Restorative Mask everyday. I have a review on this product below, so feel free to check it out. I also did not use any heat on it for those days either. 

After 4 days, I did my second and last bleaching. My hair was a little dry, but I have a very oily scalp, so I loved the fact that in those four days my hair did not look oily. I know that may seem backwards, me wanting dry hair, but it was nice not having to worry about it.

I completed the second process, the same way as I did the first. My hair turned to white roots and a light to pale yellow on the rest. I loved it! I knew as soon as I got rid of the brassiness it would look gorgeous.

I had purchased Wella Color Charm toner in T18, Lightest Ash Blonde (it no longer says White Lady as they have recently changed some names). I mixed the toner with the same developer and applied it like hair color. I don't think I left it in long enough and I definitely knew I had missed some spots. The color turned out wonderfully where I did it right. I will be toning it again soon, but now I'm just trying to give my hair a rest from all that it has been through. It did not turn my hair purple as some have said. Which is probably why I think I didn't leave it in long enough.

The toner was around $4 or $5 at Sally's again. I was really lucky because this was the only bottle they had left in my store. I suppose its a very popular product.

T18 White Lady at

Okay, so those were the products I purchased. My grandmother had the rest, so I can't think off the top of my head the brands of tools I used. I used a bowl and tinting brush and vinyl gloves. The processing cap I used looked just like a shower cap and she already had a ph balancing shampoo.

For the conclusion of this long (probably everywhere) list of what I did to achieve blonde hair. Here is a picture below of the blonde and the before is my profile picture. I do need to get my hair trimmed up and sooner or later it will be the white blonde that I was trying to get. I did know that white hair would take time and I didn't want my hair so far damaged that there was no hope for repair. I'm definitely okay with that. If I left anything out please let me know. I didn't really do this as organized as I hoped.

  • SalonCare Quick White lightening powder $10 on sale (not sure if the sale is still going on) Sally Beauty Supply
  • Clairol Pure White Creme Developer 8oz $3.99 ($2.49 with sally's card) Sally Beauty Supply
  • One N Only Colorfix $13.99 ($12.99 with sally's card) Sally Beauty Supply
  • One N Only Argan Oil Restorative Mask 8oz $9.99 ($8.99 with sally's card) Sally Beauty Supply
Oh a really great shampoo I recently started using was Organix Cherry Blossom Ginseng shampoo. This was on sale at WalMart for $1...I think, I got it back in March. This stuff is great. I have yet to find a shampoo that lets me run my fingers through my hair while I'm rinsing it out. Absolutely great. I went to their website, because I assumed if all of these were on sale then Walmart may not be carrying them anymore. I am really wanting to try their Argan Oil line (I've really become addicted to this stuff). Anyways, I'll list their site. They have a lot of different ones to choose from.

Organix Beauty Products

I know, goofy smile, the battery in my camera is dead so I had to rely on good ole' webcam :). Also sorry about the broken blood vessel in my eye, it sticks out like a sore thumb


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Julep Nail Products

Hey guys ^_^

I've been browsing around for freebies and giveaways in my spare time, (which is not much) and I came across a YouTube video. I cannot remember who's it was, but there are many videos on the subject so it won't be hard to find.

Julep is located in Seattle, WA I'm pretty sure, and they have a promotion for new members. First things first, I am not affiliated with this company and they are not asking me to review this product. I mean I wouldn't ask me to review something, I only have 3 posts. Not really something to brag about lol. They have a subscription service where you pay $20 a month and receive a box of their products every month. The awesome thing about this site is that you do not have to pay the fee if you do not want a box for that month. They say its a subscription, but its really just a membership where you have the option to purchase one if you like. They also have a yearly subscription that you do pay up front and you will receive a box once a month for a year. I don't recall the price, because I don't have that amount of money to spare, so I didn't make a mental note of it.

Okay now to the awesome part. When you sign up, they ask you to take a quiz to get an idea of what kind of style you have and have five different gift sets when you are finished. The great thing is that you don't have to choose the one that you received for your quiz. When you add it to your cart, it comes up as $0.01 and free shipping (how cool is that). At first I thought there must have been a catch, but nope there sure isn't. I was classified as an "it girl". That set came with three bottles of nail polish. The other sets included two nail polishes and a pedi cream (as it was called...I'm assuming its a foot cream, but I could be wrong). I chose the "it girl" set mainly because of the blue polish that was included. I've been looking around for a light blue color and I'm pretty picky about colors. I usually have one color in my head and if its not what I imagine it being then I won't buy it. I really dislike that about myself.

So they are on their way as of now and as soon as I get them, I will write a review on how I like them and if they work for me. If the colors are as great on my nails as they are in the picture then I may be making a purchase for a monthly box :).

Oh I just about forgot. When you become a member to their site you can share your referral on your Facebook page. If any of your friends join and make their new member purchase for a penny, you receive a credit. When you get two credits, you receive a month free and so you end up getting one of their monthly boxes free. Can't go wrong with that. I encourage anyone to try it. I hope this was informational and anyone feel free to leave me a comment down below.

The link for their site is

Monday, June 4, 2012

Oh What a World

This week is going to be quite hectic to say the least. My son will be 2 Thursday, and I am having the party this Saturday. Sure there aren't many friends a toddler can have, especially one that stays at home with his momma (I can be exciting, but I doubt I'm exciting enough for him), but I want to have a nice party for him with all of his family there to see him celebrate a new milestone.
I am making his cake, or cupcakes if you want to get technical. I am going to do a nautical theme, including stars, anchors, sail boats, etc. I'm thinking blue icing, and then putting one of the designs on each cupcake. Then for his special cupcake, I will put Happy Birthday *name*. I think hope that it turns out okay. I mean what could go wrong? (knocks on wood).
On top of that, I have to figure out what I'm going to get him. This is my first child, and I am learning just about as much as he is, so I am having trouble about finding something that would fit his adventurous, mischievous, and hyper attitude. First I found a kiddie pool, and thought, that would be great. He loves taking a bath, (yes I know I'm blessed) and we have taken him to the in laws to let him get used to being in cold water in their above ground. He was a little scared at first, clinging to me like a cat getting ready to be put into water, but he then adjusted and loved it. Of course that plan went out the window after talking to my mom, and finding out that she had already purchased one for him. I guess great minds think alike.
Now I'm clueless and I have 5 days to figure it out, buy it, and wrap it, while getting everything ready and making the centerpiece of all birthday parties, the confection.

Now to change the subject, I'm thinking about a giveaway. Not really sure if it is too soon for that. So any feedback would be great. Let me know ^_^.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

One N Only Argan Oil Restorative Mask

So my son is down for his nap, and of course that is about the only time I can go and get my shower in. I have recently went platinum blonde (I need to get some pictures of it before the roots start showing), and the bleach did take a toll on the condition of my hair. Now my hair was in very good condition before the bleaching process and did go through two bleachings and a toner. My hair still feels very soft, has good movement, but could use a trim (which it needed before I went blonde anyways).
So on to the point. I purchased One N Only Argan Oil Restorative Mask at Sally's Beauty Supply for about $9 with my sally's card, but its only a dollar more if you don't have one, and that is for the 8.5 oz tube. It has been a great investment for me. This stuff has done wonders to my hair. It feels so soft, and I have no tangles at all when I go to comb it. I have yet to find a product that does that. On the days that I wash my hair, which is about every 2 to 3 days now, I use an organic shampoo and then put this in my hair and leave it in about 8 to 10 minutes. Which seems like a long time while in the shower (or for me it does, I'm usually out of the shower in about 15), but that gives me time to shave and wash up. That usually covers the time needed to leave the conditioner in. When I'm ready to rinse, I turn the hot water down and rinse it in cool. That really helps make your hair shine.
After using this for about 2 weeks, I have seen a huge difference in my hair. I can't even believe that I have bleached my hair twice in those 2 weeks and my hair looks and feels like it does. I will not be changing brands on this, unless for some awful reason they take it off the market :(. That will be a very dark day indeed.
So if you are looking for an inexpensive brand, this is the the product for you. I am really looking forward to getting the whole collection.
++On a side note: This is my first review on a product ever, so if anyone stumbles upon this blog, please comment below and let me know how I did. ^_^++