Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Dearest Diapers Review

Okay, so sorry my posts have been sparse. I have been extremely busy getting ready to move and to get ready for baby number 2.

This post is going to be something completely different from what I'm used to writing. I am going from makeup to diapers. Yes, the two couldn't be farther apart. However, I had such a good experience with this company that I had to write about it.

I am expecting a little girl in June and have decided to try out cloth diapers. I know how much trouble and money we have invested in disposables with my son and I do not want to go through it again. I wish I had thought about cloth with him, but we live and learn I suppose. So I entered a few giveaways for cloth diapers and ended up winning a $25 gift card to Dearest Diapers. I was so excited. This was the perfect way to see what they look like and feel like and get an idea about them. I have never used, nor seen cloth diapers, so I am a complete newbie.

 I went to the site and it was very easy to navigate (besides the fact that I had no idea what I was looking for). There are a lot of different types of cloth diapering systems. So since this is my first purchase, I decided to look at the All-In-Ones. I figured, just get everything together, and then maybe venture to the more difficult categories and a later time.

Okay, back to the company. I noticed that they do not charge shipping if you purchase any type of cloth diaper. I really like that. No one likes shipping charges. They also take donations so that they can keep offering free shipping. The best thing about this site is that they sell used and new. I purchased two used all in ones because they were cheaper, and apparently when you purchase a new cloth diaper, you have to wash and dry them 5 or more times to help with the absorbancy of the material. So I figured, hey, if I buy used, then I'm sure they have been washed and dried so much and they must be at their peak absorbancy.
They even threw in a sample of Bee Green Naturals Wipe Solution Cubes. I was pleasantly surprised by the smell of baby when I opened the bag.

I ended up at the end with a GroVia used All-In-One Newborn Diaper in the color Peacock, which is this really nice rasberry color with these really cute peacock graphics. The color and pattern are adorable and very modern looking. The diaper is in really good shape and their are no tears or rips. I was stated that there is some staining, but I cannot see anything.

Inside of the GroVia. No staining.

The second is a used Blueberry Basix Newborn in the color butterflies. It has a nice white background with pink and orange butterflies with flowers and a nice green vine design. It was also in excellent shape and I could not find any staining.
Inside of the Blueberry Basix. Could find no stains and looks great!

These two products together were $20.95, which is an excellent price considering that some All-In-One diapers are that or higher for one. I still had a balance, so I threw in a OsoCozy Diaper Insert for the Blueberry Basix diaper which was $1.35 and then they have a handling fee on orders under $34.95 of $2.00. The higher your price, the lower the fee gets.

I received the package in a very timely manner. I placed the order on the 16th and received it on the 20th. It shipped out the next day. I am very impressed. There was also a hand written note on the order form that thanked me for my order. That just made my day and I love that someone took the time to write something. It makes it very personal and I don't feel like I'm just another order number.

I am very excited about my order, and I will definitely be returning to Dearest Diapers for my future purchases and to complete my cloth diaper collection for my little one.