Friday, September 21, 2012

Gender Selection Procedures for soon to be parents

Well I was just browsing the web and came across an article about how people are spending $18,000 for procedures to ensure they get the gender they want when they conceive. I didn't know what to think. I was amazed that someone would want to take away one most exciting parts of of having a baby.

When I found out I was going to have a baby, I was thrilled. One of my favorite parts of the pregnancy was the day I found out whether I was going to have a boy or a girl. I did not care if it was one or the other. I just wanted a healthy baby. I would be happy to have either. I remember people asking me what I thought I was going to have. For some reason I knew I was having a boy. My intuition doesn't really like me most of the time, but in my gut I knew there was a beautiful baby boy growing inside of me. I remember someone asking me what I thought I was having and I told them a boy. They said, "but do you hope its a girl?" Of course I didn't care, I told them that I didn't care. I was going to be happy either way. I remember her looking at me like I had just lied. That every mother should want a girl and that it was wrong of me to try and hide that. I truly did not care. I never once uttered, I hope I have a ____.  It's one of nature's greatest surprises. Why would someone want to ruin the natural course of life?

Do you know what I could do with $18,000, put it in a fund so that when my children get of age, they can use it for college, or use it to get on their feet when it is time for them to get out there on their own.

The article also said that more people are wanting girls. For one, if you have children already and they are boys, how is that going to make them feel, if they find out that you paid all that money because you wanted a girl. Would they feel like you never wanted them? That they were a disappointment because they were the product of what nature intended?

Since when did a child's gender become a choice, like you were picking out a pair of shoes, or shopping for a new car?

Monday, September 10, 2012

Manic Panic Cotton Candy Pink

Well after years of having almost every color of hair. I realized that I had exhausted my options. I have had my hair black, different shades of brown, different shades of red, and finally I risked blonde. Of course that story is in a previous post of mine and you can read all about that, so I won't get into it again.

I have decided that I will try some more eccentric colors. I really liked the lavender hair I had been seeing. It was such a cool (as in cooler and warmer color) color and looked beautifully on fair skin tones. Since my blonde has a warmer shade to it, I feared that it would not come out the way I had expected. So I was browsing through YouTube and came across a video. I cannot remember who it was and I will probably never find it again, but any who. She had the most awesome shade of pink hair. It was a tad bit darker than a cotton candy pink, but after seeing her previous videos, I saw that this was the result of her deep, rich pink fading. I loved it though. It was subtle, but very classy on her. Of course, I got the wild hair (no pun intended) to do the same thing. I wasn't really worried about the light color since I had already made the big step to blonde, and the biggest headache (having to be blonde before I go pink) was already done.

The first step was to get the pink dye. I had recently saw that Ion had come out with their brilliant brights. I heard great reviews about it and decided since it was cheaper than Manic Panic, I would just get that.

I had to apply this stuff twice and it still didn't change the color of my roots. I don't know if it was because I had just bleached them. I don't think that would have anything to do with it, but it was really frustrating to see blonde roots and the rest of my hair a very, very pastel pink. The bad thing was that the more I put on, the more vibrant my ends were getting. I had already went past the point of the color I wanted to achieve and was getting very aggravated.

So...I broke down and got Manic Panic. The price is around $10 at Sally's Beauty and it is surprisingly smaller than when I saw it online. I had a feeling that it wouldn't even cover my head. I picked up Cotton Candy Pink and was hoping that it would fix this mess.

About $10 at Sally's Beauty Supply

 Manic Panic is sold at numerous places and they have their own site Manic Panic

I followed their directions to a T and hoped for the best. I really liked how it didn't take much at all to coat the strands, and combing it through my hair made it go a long way. I put just a plain plastic grocery bag on my head and took a hair clip to pin the extra. I didn't put heat on it, because I didn't want neon pink hair. I just wanted the color on my roots so that my hair would look as even as possible. I left it on for 30 minutes and rinsed it out.

What people will do for beauty. I rinsed my hair in the coldest water I could stand. I was more than ready for it to be out. Another thing that makes this product well worth the money is that it must have a conditioner in it, because my hair felt so soft when I was done.

Before I even started all of this, I washed my hair and only shampooed it. Of course I used Clear Scalp and Hair Therapy. Like I said, this is my one and only brand of shampoo and conditioner I will ever use.

The results??? Well, see for yourself...

I absolutely love it. Now it is a little more vivid in reality. My webcam is crappy, so you can't really see what it looks like if you were standing next to me.  Who knows, maybe I'll try lavender next.

There is a reason Manic Panic is expensive. It works like a charm. I wish I had just bought this instead of purchasing Ion Brilliant Brights, which I will never purchase again, and am very close to writing a bad review on it, but it could have been me doing something wrong.

I will be using this from now on and I can't wait to get under a black light to see it glow :)