Friday, September 21, 2012

Gender Selection Procedures for soon to be parents

Well I was just browsing the web and came across an article about how people are spending $18,000 for procedures to ensure they get the gender they want when they conceive. I didn't know what to think. I was amazed that someone would want to take away one most exciting parts of of having a baby.

When I found out I was going to have a baby, I was thrilled. One of my favorite parts of the pregnancy was the day I found out whether I was going to have a boy or a girl. I did not care if it was one or the other. I just wanted a healthy baby. I would be happy to have either. I remember people asking me what I thought I was going to have. For some reason I knew I was having a boy. My intuition doesn't really like me most of the time, but in my gut I knew there was a beautiful baby boy growing inside of me. I remember someone asking me what I thought I was having and I told them a boy. They said, "but do you hope its a girl?" Of course I didn't care, I told them that I didn't care. I was going to be happy either way. I remember her looking at me like I had just lied. That every mother should want a girl and that it was wrong of me to try and hide that. I truly did not care. I never once uttered, I hope I have a ____.  It's one of nature's greatest surprises. Why would someone want to ruin the natural course of life?

Do you know what I could do with $18,000, put it in a fund so that when my children get of age, they can use it for college, or use it to get on their feet when it is time for them to get out there on their own.

The article also said that more people are wanting girls. For one, if you have children already and they are boys, how is that going to make them feel, if they find out that you paid all that money because you wanted a girl. Would they feel like you never wanted them? That they were a disappointment because they were the product of what nature intended?

Since when did a child's gender become a choice, like you were picking out a pair of shoes, or shopping for a new car?

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