Saturday, June 16, 2012


The past few days have been rather hectic, but on the plus side, I did receive my items that I ordered on Copious. When you sign up, you receive a $10 credit. I ended up using that towards a double finger ring that said love and a brand new Revlon Colorstay lipstick. I ended up being able to get both of those items for under 10 dollars. I ended up with 67 cents left I think.

The site is absolutely great. Not only is the credit awesome, but the prices are so affordable. Now they do have some pretty high end items such as Coach, but they also have some great name brands for a great price. For example, I love BKE, American Eagle, Old Navy, and etc. They have all of those brands and more, and most of them I have found are under $20.

I would describe the site as a mixture of Ebay, Etsy, and Pinterest. You connect through your Facebook and sell vintage, handmade, new and used items. The great thing is that there is no bidding, and you can "heart" items that you like, so that you can go back and check them out. There are no fees for how many pictures you post, or how many items. There is a Copious charge, and you can either choose to pay the charge or have the buyer pay it.

One of the things that I love about it, is that I feel like I'm buying from an actual person. They have their photos listed and their Facebook pages connected. Unlike Ebay, where you have no idea who you are buying from or if they will even send you an item after you purchase it. The buyer has a 48 hour time frame that you can be sure that nothing is wrong with the item, or that is was misrepresented. If for some reason it is, you can return it and get a full refund of what you paid.

This is my new addiction. I end up visiting this site just to window shop. I definitely recommend it to anyone.

I'm not a spokesperson for this site and no one has asked me to write a review on this. I truly love this site and love to shop :)

If you want to check it out, I posted my little share link below.   Oh and another thing, if you invite your friends and they make they're first purchase you receive $5 dollars (how awesome is that). Of course when they accept your invite, they also can get a 10 dollar credit. Either you have to qualify for the credit, or you can receive it from an invite. From what I have learned.

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