Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A way to have single serve coffee without a single serve machine

Do you know what really stinks? When you buy this box of what you believe to be chai tea latte and then take it home and 2 weeks later find out that you have bought single serve pods. Yes I did that. I love chai tea and I thought it was a new product, and so I just grabbed it.

You should have seen my face when I decided that a nice hot chai tea would hit the spot. I opened it to see pods and my heart sank. It's awful when you have your heart set on something just to find out that its going to crash and burn.

Since I had opened it, I couldn't take it back. I sure wasn't going to just let it sit or throw it away either. So I tried to google how to make this without a single serve coffee maker, hoping that someone else had made the mistake as I did. No such luck. So I examined the pods and tried to see how they worked. This chai tea latte I had purchased had to steps. The tea and the milk pods. Which was even more confusing. I did find a way and I'm going to tell you now.

I took a glass and microwaved some water to almost boiling. Two minutes was fine with me, but 5 minutes will boil water. It is just preference.

Then I grabbed my one cup measuring cup to pour the water in so I wouldn't spill water everywhere.

I took the tea pod, opened it, and put it in a normal coffee filter. Then I gathered the edge of the filter to make a pouch, holding it with my fingers. I did leave a small opening so I could pour the water in, and held it over my mug.

Next, I took my measuring cup and slowly poured the water into the filter. The water is hot enough that it instantly brewed the tea. I kept doing this until my mug was a little over half way full, and then squeezed the filter to get what was left. I would recommend using tongs. I used my fingers and it was a little toasty on my poor little fingers.

For any single serve coffee, those would be your steps, but of course you will fill the cup up all the way. I still had a second step which was the milk.

The milk step was easy. I pulled the top off and poured the milk into the mug. Then I filled the pod up with the water two to three times and that dilutes the milk.

There you have it. A nice drink that took as long as it does to brew on in a single serve machine would. Yes it is a little primitive, but this is what I had to work with and I still was able to make use of my package of pods that would have been useless otherwise. The tea turned out great and I ended up using all of the pods within a week.

A lot of you that read this will probably think I am crazy and I should just go buy one, but I can't see spending 200 dollars on a coffee machine that only makes one cup of coffee, along with the pods that are kind of high as well. I will probably get one sooner or later, but that will be when I have that amount of money laying around that I couldn't use for something more useful to me.

I hope this helped anyone that is in the same situation that I was, and hopefully they will see this that will be as thankful as I would have been if someone had done the same for me.

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