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5 Hour Energy Shot for Smiley360 mission

Let's just start by saying how I came across this mission to try 5 hour energy and why I am writing this review. I am a member of Smiley360. They are a company that sends you samples from some of the biggest manufacturers to try, evaluate, and share your opinions to your friends and followers. They have a huge community, and all of the reviews for these products are from the members. I really like that the pages dedicated to these products are created by the members as well. I've been a member since the beginning of June, and this is my first sample that I received. Well they aren't really samples, but full size products that you received which is awesome by itself. So I didn't have to wait that long to receive something. You have to be quick though, because these missions fill up extremely fast. I missed out on two others due to timing. I really like the site and that it is made for the consumer and very user friendly. So once you get approved for a mission, you will have a mission page, and this page will instruct you how to share your opinion through Facebook and Twitter, and you receive "smiles" for everyone that clicks on your link. You also have a section for sharing by word of mouth to family and friends. You will just click on it and let them know how many people you told on different occasions and how you think it went overall buy clicking on a number from 1 to 10. You can receive up to 50 smiles for each mission, and these smiles help towards getting chosen for more products to review. It's a great little site.

5-Hour Energy
Okay, a little information about 5-hour energy. I first started seeing commercials for this product around 2005, 2006 area. I was working at a nursing home as a CNA, and was living off Monster and Rockstar. I worked the 12 hour graveyard shift usually 3 days a week, but I put in a lot of overtime, so I needed energy to actually get me through the night sometimes.

I'm going to be honest, at first I thought this was like those weight loss pills, and was either going to be bad for my heart, or was just a scam. They're commercial was low budget and it just made me feel wary about the product. In about a few months, a friend of mine brought some to work. We were all getting kind of worn out and I thought, hey, what do I have to lose, and I really didn't feel like hitting up a gas station on my 30 minute lunch break to go grab a Monster. I just remember downing the little bottle. I just knew it was going to last about 30 minutes and I was going to be jittery as well.  However, neither happened. It actually worked. Now it's not a noticeable change, you just gradually feel better and more awake. For me, it lasted the rest of my shift. I did not crash afterwards at all. I was hooked.

B12 is the vitamin that gives you energy. Doctors will give elderly patients a B12 shot, to make them feel better. When you get to a certain point in life, you lay down and takes naps a lot and just feel weak. Which is expected. Your body is wearing down. My grandfather gets these shots about once a week. You can see an instant change in his behavior and mood. He feels better, and moves around a whole lot better and he is 85.
That is what 5 hour is trying to do. They have put a more concentrated amount of this vitamin in this drink. It is a natural energy drink that isn't going to mess up your body. That is why it works, and that is why it is safe (in moderation!). You don't want to down 5 in one day. Of course, too much of any vitamin is not good for you. Well same rules apply here.

They com in a variety of flavors. Pomegranate, lemon-lime, grape, and orange. Then they have their decaf and extra strength (comes in cherry and grape). You can find all of that information on their website.

 I received Pomegranate and Berry. I have tried Pomegranate and I loved it! Plus it is really fun eating the little beads inside. I was ready to try the shot. I pretty much love anything pomegranate flavored. Well no I love one less thing. This tasted awful. It was like drinking really bitter cough syrup. I took a couple of gulps and couldn't finish it. Maybe I have turned into a wuss, or it's been too long since I have drunken an energy drink and lost my built of tolerance to the bitterness of them. Either way, I don't have to tolerance these days to force myself to finish something like that. I'd rather be tired honestly. I had also just woke up, so maybe if I had tried it later in the day, I would have forced it down. I am not to be messed with when I first wake up and extremely irritable. I will be trying the berry soon, but since I know this stuff works, I felt comfortable enough to write a review without having to consume both bottles. Also, the couple of gulps I got down, really helped get me woke up enough to accomplish a few things.

The two flavors I received, Pomegranate and Berry

 I will edit this later when I do drink it, so at least you can read the review on the flavors. Their site has a Q&A section, plus you can go to Smiley's website and read the reviews there. The price for a six pack is 14.99 on their site and a package of 12 is 25.99. It does seem a little high, but for a large can of your popular energy being about 4 or 5 dollars, and a pack of six will last almost to a week. You are definitely going to get your money's worth. I remember being able to buy these single at convenience stores, but I don't know if that option is still available now. It doesn't hurt to check though! The links will be down below.

5-Hour Energy's Facebook page
5 Hour's Twitter
Smiley360's website
5 Hour's FAQ

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