Monday, December 31, 2012

Shoplately and Glint & Gleam

I just received my order from Shoplately and I was so impressed with the site that I wanted to write a review.

Shoplately is a company that have smaller shops in it. You can find jewelry, hair accessories, bags, hose etc. One of the shops is Glint & Gleam which is where I bought my hand chain from.

One thing that I really likes about this site is the $2 flat rate shipping. As long as you purchase your items from the same seller, you pay $2, regardless of the number of items. That is a deal that you can't beat. However, if you get one item from another seller then you will have to pay another $2 because the sellers are the ones who ship your order.

I really like the selection on this site. If out want something that is going to stand out, then you will have a field day. The prices are very reasonable and when you sign up, you get a $5 credit on your first purchase.

I found a really cute hand chain from Glint & Gleam. The packaging was really nice. Definitely not what I was expecting for what I paid for this. I paid 3.99 with the credit but the price was $6.00 plus shipping.


It does have the adjustable ring and I love the double chain bracket. Then the detail on the connecting chain has a pyramid type design with one metal stud on the ring. The bracelet is adjustable as well and considering that I have big wrists and fingers (I wear a size 8 on my middle finer), this will fit the tiniest hands. I did have to open the ring quite a bit. The chain that connects the ring to the bracelet is a bit to long for my chubby, short hands. So The chain does dangle quite a bit, and I'm so afraid that I will end up hanging it on something and it will break, but hopefully that won't happen. I might be able to shorten it.
Link to the item. It is sold out right now, but any item that is sold out, you can join their waiting list and they will send you an email when it is back in stock.

I do have a little knowledge in jewelry making, so I have some equipment that will help accomplishing that. I'm not sure though. Kind of still deciding, since this is such a beautiful piece.

 The quality is nice.  I was surprised seeing that most adjustable rings are kind of flimsy and warp over time, but this ring is durable and took some effort to open it. That is very comforting to know. I like my jewelry to last a while.

I ordered this on Christmas Eve, it shipped on the 26th, and I received it today the 31st. A little long for my taste but I did order during the holidays, so I'm not sure if that has something to so with it or not. It did ship through first class mail through the postal service.

I will be ordering my jewelry from here more in the future. The selections and prices are great and I can find things here that I just can't anywhere else. I am extremely picky with jewelry and that is probably why I don't have much of a collection.

I recommend going to check it out and seeing for yourself. I am very impressed with there company and was so happy to stumble across it. Let me know what you liked most about it.

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