Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I actually have some time on my hands, so I thought I would do a review on Opensky. I have been browsing this site for a while, and I absolutely love it. I'm going to try and explain this the best I can, but will probably fail epically.

This site has a team of members that will find certain products that they think are really great and then Opensky puts there discount on the item, so you get the savings. They have several categories ranging from Beauty to kids. I didn't recognize any of the brands, but I love discovering new brands, and from experience, find better products that way. It has what I call the "love" button, that way you can keep of list of what you like and refer back to them later. Some items sell out fast, depending on what they are and how popular they become, so you do have to act kind of fast.

They also have a reward system as well, which is new, and I really like it. I have already reached the Aqua lvl, which allows me a $10 credit twice a month and it goes up to a sapphire lvl which qualifies you for even better rewards.

Just to point out, they have a promotion going on right now that gives new members a $20 credit and another $15 credit if you connect with Facebook. That is an awesome deal. They also have a share button that takes $5 off of that particular item. You have to share each item with 3 friends to receive that though. Your total also has to be $50 or more to be able to use your credit, but I was able to get 3 items to total that and with the $15 off from sharing them, I was able to get all of them for FREE. It does take some basic math skills, but I really stink at math and I was able to do it, so it can't be that hard. I really hope I explained that how I wanted to, if I confused anyone, please let me know and I will help with any questions or confusion.

I will definitely be a return customer for this site and recommend it for anyone who is looking for a great deal. No one has told me to write this blog and I am not getting paid for it. I just really feel like I should spread the love.

What I got for free:

Dermelect Anti-Aging Nail Polish in Luxurious (the name reminds me of Zoolander ^_^)
 It was $14 originally and I received $5 off of that. They also have the pink for breast cancer awareness that donates some of the money to charities, but (please don't think I am a bad person) with all of the pink that I have accumulated recently and my pink hair, I don't really want to be known as the pink woman

Girlactik Star Gloss in smooch which is a nice peachy color and I don't have that color yet, so I am excited to try it. It was $18 retail, then $16 Opensky price and I then received $5 off of that price.

Cafepress coffee mug in the cream or white color, and I love that it has the press built in and it's a travel mug. This is my favorite out of all that I received. It retails $20 and there was no Opensky discount, but I did receive my $5 off.

  Everything totaled to $50 and with the $15 off for sharing them, it made the total to be $35 dollars and then with my credit made everything free and I did not have to put in my cc information. The shipping was also free as well. I don't really know how, because it said that orders $100 or over would receive free shipping, but I'm not complaining. It will take about 2 weeks to get everything in, but I'm pretty sure they offer faster shipping options.

Once everything comes in, I will do a review on each product and let you know how the quality compares to the prices on this site. So be on the watch!

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