Friday, July 27, 2012

Tampax and Always Radiant Collection

Another wonderful review from yours truly. I am still in the process of writing a review on the products I received from Influenster. Of course I cannot leave out the disclaimer. I received the products complimentary from Influenster, Tampax, and Always from Proctor & Gamble. I was asked to test, evaluate and give my honest opinion on the product.

Now on with the show. If you do not like reading things such as tampons, periods and such, then you shouldn't read any further, because I do not hold anything back. So you have been warned. I also would have taken more pictures, but by the time it came time to use them, I was in such a hurry that I used them before I even thought about taking a picture, so I just have a couple.

I wish I would have gotten some pictures after I opened the box, but my brain doesn't work right sometimes.
Check out Always and Tampax. They have some great products.

Firstly, I loved the packaging of the tampons. The whole reason I was so excited about receiving these, was their new resealable package. The tampon comes in a package with a little opening. You just pull the tab up, pull the tampon out and when you are done with the process of putting it where it's supposed to go, you put the applicator back in the pouch and close the tab. How awesome is that!? I loved it. It is so discreet and you're not having to worry about company going into your bathroom and seeing a heinous mess in your trash can if you're like me and your can doesn't have a lid.The nasty side of tampons can remain hidden. The tampons that were included however, did not really do the trick for me. Warning, this is a little graphic. I have a very heavy flow and I usually use Kotex Super Plus tampons. I have yet to find another brand that will work for me and these were no different. I would spend more money if I were to continue to buy this brand, and it is a shame, because I did like the packaging that the tampons came in. They may have a super plus, but I have not looked to see, and most other brands that have "super plus" do not compare to Kotex.

The larger pad that was included was great. I loved the colorful wrapper that it had. I also was really excited to see that it was scented. I mean every woman wants to remain "fresh" down there during that time and this really did a great job accomplishing just that. I have not used pads since I was 12, so I don't know if the material that this pad is made of is completely new, but I noticed that it was made differently. It was almost like a gel. I could be wrong, but it absorbed very well and did soak in. It didn't feel like it was just sitting on the pad, but was in the pad. It is thin, but don't let the look deceive you, it works just as well as the big bulky pads that are out there right now, but the upside is it doesn't feel like you are wearing a diaper. I will probably invest in these soon. It also stayed in place. Most winged pads will shift and the wings will pull up and end up sticking to the insides of my thighs. Once this was put in place, it stayed there, and I couldn't have been happier.

The last thing that was included were three panty liners. I thought there was only one when I first looked, but they are so thin that it wasn't until later that I realized there were more. I did like how thin and small they were. So it was almost as if I wasn't wearing one (trust me, I had to go and check to make sure it was still there). It worked okay. The sides curled up and ended up getting lopsided and such, but for most of us, a panty liner is mostly used for when that time is about up and is only used for when we are just spotting. So it did the job, but maybe its too small and thin? Anyways, I was very pleased with all of the products.

We can't forget the cute bag they came in. I really like the bag and I will continue to use the bag to hold my feminine products. It is small enough that it can fit in my small purse, and most people will just think its a makeup bag. I have such a problem with the tampon wrappers opening up and go to look through my purse and see the tampon just laying there with the wrapper no where to be found. Nothing more frustrating than seeing a tampon to go waste like that. I don't know if that's why it was there, but I am going to use it for that anyways.

My final opinion on this product is that this is a great collection. Like I said, the tampons did not work for me, but the quality was great and the resealable wrapper was absolutely awesome. The rest of it worked great for me and I have no complaints. I definitely will be purchasing the pads. If any of you are willing to risk trying a new product, because if you're like me, once you find a great feminine product, you hate to try something new. I definitely recommend trying it.

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